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Lisa Duncan

Co-Founder, Business Director | Sacramento, CA

One of her favorite quotes? “Logic will get you from Point A to Point B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Anna Marie Etcheverria

Co-Founder, Creative Director | San Francisco, CA

One of her favorite pastimes? Playing games, with anyone of any age. It’s not that she’s all about winning; it’s really about her having fun with an opponent she just beat.


We love marketing.

Gosh, based on how long we’ve been doing this, we must love it. Our combined 30+ years of experience (not to age ourselves), primarily in the professional services industries, offers a broad range of marketing capacities: from collaborating in an advisory role to rolling up our sleeves and digging right in. Oh! And brainstorming, strategic planning, writing, and designing? You know it. Mouse over our faces to check out our creds on LinkedIn.

We're Telework Warriors.

With our offices 70 miles apart, and clients located up and down the West Coast, we needed a comprehensive telework solution that addressed more than the ability to collaborate and communicate. We needed a solution that encouraged human interaction, inspired creativity and allowed us to build and maintain a corporate culture for our business, our clients, and our colleagues. In 2010 we moved our “office” into our telework platform, Flipside Workspace. Through our 6-year journey in researching, developing, and working exclusively in a telework platform, we’ve gained unique insights into telework, from both an employer and employee perspective.

What does this really mean?

Here. Let’s give you an example: We were working with a client in the A/E/C industry on a number of external marketing efforts… super fun stuff like re-focusing their brand, writing marketing material, and corporate positioning. The company grew, and while some staff worked in headquarters, the remainder worked on project sites that spanned from one end of the state to the other. The company quickly realized they needed to focus on efforts for the sake of their employees… which turned into a side of marketing we really thrive on: internal marketing. We designed a workspace in our telework platform that gave management the ability to extend its corporate culture to its entire workforce, hold regular staff meetings, and conduct project reviews from their own office within this platform.

Our Clients

We value our success by the growth of the companies we serve.

Professional Service Firms

We put our brainiacs on a pedestal. Architects, engineers, contractors, environmental engineering consultants, attorneys… to name a few. In other words, we focus on businesses that rely on the sales of their people’s knowledge and skills, rather than widgets and products.

Non-Profit Organizations

We honor the non-profits with whom we work. From educational organizations to rehabilitation services, we share in the mission of making the world a better place, and the way we can do that is through advancing people’s knowledge and skills. The organization and what they do is one thing. The passion behind it is another.

Freelancers and Startups

We love working with go-getters. Having gone through a start-up accelerator program ourselves with Flipside Workspace, we know that these fast-paced businesses run lean and fast. Limited time and limited funds means every dollar and every hour must have maximum punch to move your business forward. We get that. Easing the pain and providing guidance is something we provide.


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The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. - Elbert Hubbard

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  • I hired Duncan+Coleverria to manage the marketing efforts for my construction company. The first thing they did was ask a lot of questions and with that information they developed a marketing roadmap that was totally aligned with my company’s growth plan. Since then they have been implementing the strategy since. This team is knowledgable, experienced, and, simply put, they “get it”.

    Mike C., Abbeyside Construction, Inc.

  • Meeting in Flipside Workspace allows me to feel more connected to other meeting participants in comparison to conference calls or other web type meetings. I believe attendees are more engaged, thus making meetings more effective. The Flipside Workspace is the next best thing to being there!”

    Debbie W., Partner at Baker & Cook, LLC

  • Flipside is useful because it allows for ‘passive presence’ – where I can work with someone and be available to them without having to be in the same room (or the same state).

    Kevin M., Forward Accelerator

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